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JH Interior Received Design Award-Winner status at A' Design Awards And Competition, Italy

A' Design Award and Competition is one of the World’s largest, most prestigious, and most influential design accolades, one of the highest achievements in design. A' Design Award Winner Logo, symbolizes exceptional design excellence in your products, projects, and services.

A furniture production company from Indonesia has just won the 2023 A' Design Award & Competition. The A' Design Award & Competition is a forum for designers and innovators from various sectors to show their creativity to become trendsetters. JH Interior as this year's winner has experienced producing standard furniture for luxury homes since 1999.

JH Interior always follows the latest interior design trends and tries to apply them in every project. In addition, they also often participate in exhibitions and design competitions to find out the quality of the design and production of the furniture made.

The entire JH Interior team is grateful for this achievement and hopes to continue to innovate and create even better interior designs and furniture production.


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